Smart IoT Edge Security and Management

Internet of Things (IoT) has gained a strategic role in Enterprises due to the proliferation of sophisticated devices, unprecedented connectivity, and innovative services. Recent estimates put enterprise IoT devices at roughly 30% of all network-connected endpoints. IoT paradigms have created, in addition to opportunities, a huge void in security. To deliver on the promise of powerful and ubiquitous computing from the edge to the cloud, enterprises will need a robust and secure infrastructure. EdgeLox enables enterprise-grade IoT infrastructure visibility, security, monitoring and management by supporting AI driven usage models and workflows required by top enterprises as part of their business demands.

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Gaps in Visibility, Management and Security of the IoT Infrastructure

High-profile IoT-focused cyber attacks are forcing industries to recognize and manage security risks to protect their core business operations.

Here are the key gaps in the management and security of the IoT infrastructure that need immediate attention.

  • No Secure Management & Monitoring Platform
  • No Inventory of devices on the network: user/IT& IoT devices
  • No understanding of Behavioral Profiles of devices
  • No detection of Anomalous Behavior of devices
  • No consistent Security Policies to remedy security gaps
IoT Security Threats

Power your IoT Discovery, Management and Security

The product suite lets you drive device and service visibility/discovery, anomaly detection, infrastructure management and software compliance on and off your network.

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