Enterprises are experiencing a massive growth in IoT with organizations using IoT devices to drive their businesses. With IoT opening the door to unprecedented connectivity and innovative services, it has gained strategic importance in organizations, to optimize operations, enable new business models and drive next-generation product designs. Recent estimates put enterprise IoT devices at roughly 30% of all network-connected endpoints, paving the way to shape the next phase of tech innovation with the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge to meet the needs of advanced business services around AI and real time decision making.

In order to deliver on this promise of powerful and ubiquitous computing from the edge to the cloud, enterprises need to ensure that the underlying IoT infrastructure is robust, scalable, secure, monitored and managed and meets the required standards put forth by IT departments for deployment, asset management, security and compliance. EdgeLox enables enterprise-grade end-to-end IoT infrastructure security, monitoring and management by supporting specific usage models and workflows required by top enterprises as part of their business demands.

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EdgeLox enables enterprise-grade end to-end IoT infrastructure security, monitoring and management as outlined in the Figure to resolve all the above gaps. It begins with a secure substrate that supports onboarding devices either manually using client frameworks or by discovering devices on the network with non-intrusive network traffic capture and analysis. Once under management, the software on devices is kept compliant and its lifecycle is fully managed. The devices are constantly monitored for any tampering or behavioral changes and any remedial actions are enforced with integrations into Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Network Management Systems (NMS).