IoT infrastructure in today’s enterprise lacks a platform that enables scalable and robust monitoring, management and security. While IoT opens the door for innovative approaches and services in all industries, it presents new cyber security risks as well. As mentioned in the security report “2020 Unit 42 IoT Threat Report”, the general security posture of IoT devices is declining, leaving organizations vulnerable to new IoT-targeted malware as well as older attack techniques that IT teams have long forgotten. High-profile IoT-focused cyber attacks are forcing industries to recognize and manage security risks to protect their core business operations. Here are the key gaps in the management and security of the IoT infrastructure that need immediate attention.

Here are the key gaps in the management and security of the IoT infrastructure that need immediate attention.

  • No Secure Management & Monitoring Platform
  • No Inventory of devices on the network: user/IT & IoT devices.
  • No understanding of Behavioral Profiles of devices
  • No detection of Anomalous Behavior of devices
  • No consistent Security Policies to remedy security gaps
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EdgeLox enables enterprise-grade end-to-end IoT infrastructure security, monitoring and management to resolve all the above gaps. It begins with a secure substrate that supports onboarding devices either manually using client frameworks or by discovering devices on the network with non-intrusive network traffic capture and analysis. Once under management, the software on devices is kept compliant and its lifecycle is fully managed. The devices are constantly monitored for any tampering or behavioral changes and any remedial actions are enforced with integrations into Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and Network Management Systems (NMS).

EdgeLox Infrastructure Management establishes a secure platform to identify all gateways, edge servers and devices and bring them under management. Security and Management are enabled along 4 dimensions: Device Lifecycle Management, Software Lifecycle Management, Device and Service Discovery, Security Lifecycle with Tamper and Anomaly detection and policy enforcement.

Device Lifecycle management involves onboarding gateways and devices for management. Onboarding involves identification and authentication and getting devices on to the management system as seamlessly as possible with zero touch and mobile solutions. In cases where security is of paramount importance, authentication with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is also supported. Once on boarded, it involves configuring them, monitoring them and raising alerts based on configured rules, diagnosing and troubleshooting with remote access and log file transfers, re-provisioning and re-establishing identities of gateways during replacement and decommissioning them where necessary. The ingestion and analysis of metric data from connected devices will be handled at the Edge and only results and decisions of the analysis will be propagated to the cloud for further intelligence, auditing and alerting. The entire lifecycle of gateways and devices in the infrastructure is handled by EdgeLox securely and seamlessly.