Oil and Gas

Secure substrate with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) based onboarding, boot and file system tamper detection complemented by secure provisioning of Edge container workloads to power a multitude of use cases.

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Case Study of an Oil & Gas Thought leader:


EdgeLox secures the Edge platform with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) through hardware-based authentication and attestation mechanisms. With this, onboarding is simplified greatly with a zero-touch mobile solution and any boot and filesystem level changes are immediately detected and admins notified. With access to the network, it also profiles the Edge nodes and detects any anomalies.

The secure substrate helps with the execution of the Edge workloads. EdgeLox supports provisioning and monitoring of these workloads at the Edgeat scale, with the power of Kubernetes at the Edge. This helps drive value and value-based licensing flexibility right at the Edge.

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