This is the pricing for the Software as a Service (Hosted) Model.

EdgeLox InfraHub

Starts at $1000a Month/Billed Annually
  • Secure Onboarding – With TPM and PKI
  • Tamper Detection – Boot and Filesystem level
  • Monitoring of infrastructure -> Events, Audit Logs, Alerts, Rules Engine, Edge Data Processing
  • Management -> Actions, Remote Access, updates
  • Client Framework -> Flexible, scheduler based with connectors

EdgeLox Software Distribution and Compliance

Starts At$2000a Month/Billed Annually
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Packaging with files, binaries and Profiles
  • Package dependency handling
  • Scalable distribution with ordering
  • Maintain compliance at the Edge

EdgeLox Discovery

Starts At$2000a Month/Billed Annually
  • EdgeLox Infrastructure Management
  • Discovery at Line speeds
  • Classification and discovery of IP devices
  • IoT protocols – OPC-UA, BacNet, Modbus, ONVIF
  • Integration with CMDB and interfaces with Switches and Proxies

EdgeLox Security

Starts At$3000a Month/Billed Annually
  • EdgeLox Infrastructure Management
  • EdgeLox Discovery
  • Behavioural profiles of devices and gateways
  • Anomaly detection of device behaviour
  • Deep dive into the root case of anomalies
  • Bind the RCA to potential known kinds of attacks
  • Integration into 3rd party NMS and IPS to enforce network security policies

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