Video Surveillance

Discovery and health monitoring, with behavioral profiling and anomaly detection of cameras enabling a secure substrate coupled with active configuration and firmware management of cameras.

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Here’s a sample behavioral profile of a camera

With Video Management Systems (VMS) managing the video streams and various aspects of the data plane, the control plane of the cameras with configuration, firmware and patch updates and health are monitored and managed by EdgeLox. It monitors metrics of interest to assess the health of cameras and raises alerts based on well established thresholds. If there are security patches or firmware updates to be applied to cameras, EdgeLox provides a robust platform to distribute bits and actions to the cameras at scale, secure the Edge nodes and maintain policy based compliance of all software components across all camera nodes.

With access to the network, non-intrusive analysis of the traffic helps EdgeLox build a behavioral profile for the cameras it is monitoring and detect any kind of anomalies in their behavior. Those anomalies are in turn tied to known attack vectors based on specific behavioral patterns.

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